Mully Children’s Family

Doug Warkentin knows a good investment when he sees it.  But it isn’t always about investing money; sometimes it’s about investing in others.

Doug Warkentin first heard about Charles Mulli in 2010.  Charles Mulli is a self-made millionaire from Kenya.  Through hard work and discipline, Charles Mulli pulled himself out of a desperate existence of squalor, poverty, and abuse and achieved great personal success and financial wealth.  At the height of this success, he gave it all up – he sold everything to begin his new mission in life:  to reach out, rescue, rehabilitate, protect, and care for the less fortunate and vulnerable children in Kenya. That was in 1989.

In the years since, Charles Mulli shaped his vision into (MCF) Mully Children’s Family, a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental Christian rehabilitation organization for street children, orphaned, abandoned, abused, desperate and neglected children, regardless of their religion, sex, colour or tribe who have nowhere to call home.

Charles Mulli’s story affected Doug Warkentin deeply.  Wanting to learn more about the man and MCF, Doug Warkentin traveled to Kenya to meet Charles and get a first-hand look at the MCF program. Over a ten day period in 2013, Doug Warkentin, visited several of the MCF facilities in Kenya – Ndalani, Yatta, Mombasa and Kibera (Nairobi), donating his time and energy to the children.

To date, MCF has rescued over 6,000 children from Kenya and all of Africa and given them a safe, caring, nurturing home.  Aside from having a new home, these children benefit from the integrated children’s program, formally registered learning and training centres, and sustainable agriculture projects that  are helping to make them self sufficient.  The MCF program has been the most successful children’s homes in Kenya and continues towards their goal of financial self-sustainability.

Doug Warkentin’s passion seems to be wearing off on his family, as his son Brad (16) travelled to an orphanage in late 2013 where he volunteered for a week.  “It’s something you either feel, or you don’t.  I want my son to have the same passion I do for the less fortunate and was very proud that he made the decision to go to an orphanage in a 3rd world country to volunteer”.

Doug Warkentin, his wife Izabella and son Brad plan to travel back to MCF later this year in his efforts to continue supporting the work of Dr. Charles Mully and his family.