Terry Bialek, C.I.P., C.R.M.
Manager – Insurance Solutions


Business Administration Diploma from Red River College

Licensed as a life insurance broker since 1979.

Why I love being an insurance broker- I enjoy meeting with people to talk about their goals and dreams and help them to guarantee that even if something happens to them, those goals and dreams can be completed. Delivering a cheque to someone who has lost a spouse and to see the relief on their face that financially they will be alright is very emotional. We don’t just sell a piece of paper, we sell a promise to deliver money when it is most needed. Money that can be used to pay off the mortgage, provide educational funds for children and to maintain the lifestyle of the family in a time of loss. The first claim cheque I delivered proved how important proper planning really is. Every claim cheque I’ve delivered since continues to reinforce the importance of what we do with our clients.

What clients can expect from me- My risk management training background helps me to council clients on which risks can be self-insured and which should be transferred to an Insurance Company. My goal is to never let a client assume a risk that could be transferred for a relatively low cost. Premature death, disability and critical illness are risks that fall into that category. Clients can expect a very low pressure process. Through a fact finding approach, I determine what my client’s needs are and show them all of the options to address those needs. My experience helps me to be very creative in designing insurance coverage that both protects and fits the budget of my clients. I can help them and advise suggestions but ultimately it is their decision on how to proceed. As client’s needs change, regular reviews address the need of the client both today and in the future. Coverage solutions have to be flexible to meet those changes.

What I like to do when not at work- Long distance running (marathons), golfing, Blue Bomber season ticket holder, Winnipeg Jets fan.

Personal philosophy- Help people get what they want and treat people the way that I would like to be treated.

Contact Information

Warkentin Group Private Wealth Management
906-363 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3N9
Telephone: (204) 414-2479
Fax: (204) 414-2779
Email: terry@hmli.ca